How long can you go on like this? You can't sleep-eat- work.There is no peace or happiness. Do you enjoy living in misery and pain? You are in the middle of a crisis and don't know what to do. No body taught you how to deal with relationship problems. Guilt and shame everywhere. Talking to other family members is out of the question. You dare not approach friends or co-workers because of a sense of failure. However the problem is not going away. If you do not ACT now,it WILL GET WORSE EVERYDAY. Relationship/marriage stress will quickly consume and destroy your life and everything in its path.Divorce or long term therapy are costly. I am offering YOU a way,a solution and relief. The grass is not greener on the other side.Water and nourish your present marriage.That's what people with long term peaceful and powerful relationships have done. Things, even in their case is not always rosy.They constantly work to protect and improve what they already have. Take a deep breath and TAKE ACTION.
Whether it's your fault or not something is wrong with this relationship. As an intelligent person you must Understand what is wrong with >This relationship

A peaceful life is worth the effort.