Renewing Your Mind Basics

Renewing Your Mind

Renewing your mind every day is the secret to peace, wealth and happiness. Sadly the vast majority of people do not achieve their maximum potential because they allow external forces to control their agile mind. Most of us go through our daily routine taking little notice of our thought processes. What you think and mentally put aside will directly affect both your mind and body. A balanced mind is crucial to your well-being. Social anxiety will stop you from becoming a well-adjusted person. Learn More HERE

Mind Control for renewing your mind

Renewing your mind every day is the secret to peace, wealth and happiness.-Quaid Suddoo

Your Mind Power.

Mind Power is directing your thoughts toward a desired outcome. Focus on success and you attract success. Focus on fear and failure and you attract failure. Mind Power is understanding these laws and making our thoughts work for us. Your thoughts are the primary creative forces for a better and more productive fulfilling life. This is what governs your beliefs, actions and the way your life is going. Phobias and social anxiety is one main reason why many very smart people do not reach their max potential and prefer to let once in a life time opportunities slip by. See more at:

Great minds think alike.

What does that mean, great minds think alike? Although it is true that each of us has a unique mind we are often influenced by external circumstances. What you watch on T.V and who you interact with will impact your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, beliefs, and attitudes.

The battle for your life is in your beautiful mind.

To make changes in your life, you must become constantly aware of the way you are thinking. Multitasking is impossible to humans at this stage of our evolution so we cannot think both negative and positive thoughts at the same time. Because our mind is a creature of habit, it is our responsibility to make sure that positive emotions and thoughts constitute the dominating influence in their mind. Trying to change the external first always proves futile, or at best temporary. Once this simple fact becomes crystal clear to you then you should see immediate concrete positive life changing results.

Mind control techniques .                     
Renew Your Mind

The mind is everything. What you think you become. –Buddha

• Train your conscious mind to think thoughts of success, happiness, health, prosperity.
• Avoid seeing a Shakespearean tragedy in every single falling leaf.
• Weed out negativity such as fear and worry.
• Keep your conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best,.
• your mind will create and manifest according to the images you habitually think about in your daily.
• Use affirmations Begin affirming to yourself something positive and self-supporting. The mind will focus on what you are repeating to yourself.
• Clear your mind with humor and fun. Keep some funny jokes around and use them daily.
• one track mind is the result of Negatives gaining momentum. Become self-conscious of it and change your thinking immediately.
• Despair and hopelessness must be avoided.
• Think what can go right instead.
• Catch the negatives before they have time to become entrenched.
• Speak your mind

The mind is everything.

Having a successful life and achieving your goals are skills that everyone can learn. What you focus on you attract. Training your mind to think about what you want or what you do not want will take dedication and perseverance. Worry, fear, negative thinking will drain your energy and is counterproductive. Since you are already aware of what is going on, the next step is to be vigilant by constantly mentally monitoring your negatives and actions. Since the mind is a creature of habit with practice encouraging positive thoughts and eliminate negative ones become easier. Just  stop  SOCIAL ANXIETY  take the garbage out and plant beautiful flowers.

Renewing your mind every day is the secret to peace, wealth and happiness.-Quaid Suddoo