Ways To Let Stress go

Why are you stressed out?

Inexpensive WAYS TO LET STRESS GO permanently in the privacy of your home do exist. It is not always easy to admit to friends and family members,that we are burned out. Also, that we could use a little help to quickly relieve some of that daily deadly stress.

US stats show:

Ways To Let Stress Go

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an upsurge in the number of people suffering from stress, panic and anxiety attacks. Most people do not have the time or resources for long-term costly therapy. Specialized WAYS TO LET STRESS GO are unaffordable to most of us. However YOU need to relieve your mounting  stress daily; not in 2 weeks or 6 months. The feeling and need to get rid of stress is constant, unnerving, frustrating and depressing. Personally, I’ve found a < stress anxiety attack solution > that has helped me tremendously.

Deadly stress- What you must know.

Not letting daily stress go is not only a real health risk but deadly. Besides when you’re stressed out, you’re not yourself. I still remember when I did not laugh, eat right or sleep well. People said that I was cranky, moody and out of sync with the universe. Of course I did not like who I was. All that due to stress,  work pressure, anxiety attacks and not knowing what to do. Stress from work and relationships had somehow taken over my life. What is your personal at home stress management action plan? You can quickly and easily take control of your life by using inexpensive <  ways to let stress go > in the comfort of your home.

Stressed out self-medication to avoid.

Now that you are aware of what’s going on, do not allow daily family or work related stress to continue affecting your life- take immediate concrete action. Do you know what to do? Unfortunately many resort to massive amounts of comfort junk foods, watching T.V shows all night long or sliding in other destructive behaviors; such as sex, drugs and alcohol.  The more stress, the more likely you will suffer physical ailments. Migraines, weight gain and even a heart attack are common occurrences.

Ways to let stress go – at home.

Here are quick and simple ways to get relief from stress at your disposal when you are down.

I cannot emphasize the importance of visualization to easily de-stress enough. I normally recommend that you carry a set of calming pictures or scenes in your head. At the beginning you may need to tweak them a little. Themes may include the beach, forest, mountains, music or even shopping. The more you go to these mental picture frames the more real and the more peaceful they will be for you. When you feel tension radiating throughout your body, calm those nerves by closing your eyes and go to one of your preset peaceful themes.
• Exercise.
Simple exercises are one of the best and cheapest ways to let stress go at home. Unfortunately when we are anxious or stressed out we ‘don’t feel like doing it’. Low impact exercises like walking, biking, swimming, biking or yoga are excellent for quickly boosting your mood. Exercise releases endorphins and this is of the best boosting drug from Mother Nature.
• Breathe stress out.
‘A Stroke because of not enough oxygen’ is often heard of. Natural normal breathing is second nature to life but when we are stressed out, our breathing rhythm change. Many people hold or have shallow breath. There is so much tension that regular movement  is difficult. To prevent hyper ventilating due to stress, focus on your breathing. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and start to inhale and exhale. Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath by putting your hands on your chest and use the above visualization tool.
• Eat your stress away.
Eating is a recurrent common theme among people suffering from stress, panic or anxiety attacks. The problem is what we eat when we feel stressed out. By making a conscious decision and simply train ourselves to be aware of what is happening we can use this need to eat under stress to our advantage. By teaching our brain to believe that a salad is as good as fried chicken or chips then we are doing two things at once. A small piece of dark chocolate will do wonders in no time. Some nights my brain will be going 150 miles an hour. Although rare; it does occasionally happen. Then I will slowly chew on a small piece of dark chocolate. Be careful about regular synthetic chocolate that is mostly sugar. The trick to eating under stress is to take your time and chew. The intention here is letting stress go or eating stress away.
• Aromatherapy for stress and anxiety relief.
Smelling perfumes and oils can bring immediate pleasurable stress relief. Lavender or peppermint oils are known for their aroma therapeutic effect. Put One drop of lavender or coconut oil on your fingertips and massage your temples. Avoid synthetic products with heavy chemicals.

  • Water – mother nature calming stress relief tool.

Do you know that millions of people quickly relieve painful stress, simply by slowly rubbing their hands under a low running water faucet? Water has a calming effect and so lots of people find the sound of cascading water soothing. This may be in the form of music or just taking a relaxing bath. Why not do both?

Your Guaranteed Stress relief action plan.

Constant stress, Panic attacks, fears, will rob you of courage, strength, determination, or confidence; if you grant them free access. Choose one of the above 6 ways to let stress go and do it right away. Stick with your stress relief action plan for at least 2-3 days.  Find more about fantastic < WAYS TO LET STRESS GO > doing wonders to keep my stress under control. This has been a miracle for me as it has saved my relationship-my job -my life. It will be your guaranteed stress relief.