What you must know about me!

Hello,how are you? My name is Quaid Suddoo and for a long time suffered from severe stress,panic

Avoid stress,panic and anxiety attacks.

Daily Stress relief solutions.

and anxiety attacks daily . Since I could not afford expensive long term therapy,I had to find ways to let my stress go.

Letting stress go or ready to explode!

I used to have chronic stomach aches all the time. Many days I thought that it was something I ate. My wife had a whole list of things that supposedly I was allergic to. Then I would take one or two Aspirin every day. Stress was killing me. SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE. I had to LET STRESS GO or suffer mental and physical consequences. Now I am happy and calm. So can you.

What is stress about?

  • Stress comes from many sources. Sometimes we know it’s the job or “more money problems”. We know it’s about us but we have no idea what is stressing us exactly. YOU find yourself ruminating or holding negative feelings. Your face is tensed and Your body aches all the time.


  • Relieving stress include adaptation, stress management, anxiety, and depression treatments. Controlling the source of stress or learning to set limits are other helpful techniques. It’s about us talking to each other sincerely.
  • There are many ways and solutions to let stress go permanently.

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